About Typewrite


They say motherhood brings out your creativity – and that’s exactly how Typewrite began. I’m married to a surgeon in training, and have 2 little girls so Typewrite was a design hobby turned into a home business.  A few years ago, a gift idea for friends (personalised notecards with illustrations of their favourite things) became the first sets of many more. I guess it was fitting because I’ve always remained loyal to my good old fashioned planner, often smile stupidly over lovely paper, and put a lot of emphasis on the little details!

Typewrite allows me connect with other people who share a love for ‘that irreplaceable personal touch’. Since 2016, Typewrite has expanded from cards into graphic design and beyond – thanks to the power of word of mouth. I’m based in Singapore – and this city is where I find so much inspiration.

I hope my designs continue to reflect my clients’ personalities, thoughts & stories – because Typewrite for me is so much more than a set of cards!

Photo credit for most of my product photos goes to the very talented Andrea Galkova (https://www.andreagalkovaphotography.com)